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Introduce automatic drawing-in machine common troubleshooting methods

Author : Yongxusheng Mechanical And Electrical Technology (changzhou) co., LTD    Time : 2018-1-13 13:51:35    View : 502

  Introduce automatic drawing-in machine common troubleshooting methods

  What is the drawing-in machine, for many people, for this device is not very understanding, don't know what the device used for. It is used for weaving yarn in textile processing activity, automatic drawing-in machine in use process, sometimes due to improper operation or the added uncertainty of raw materials, will affect the work of drawing-in machine, resulting in its failure. Automatic drawing-in machine, then, what is the cause of the failure? This is you care about, will come here and let's just a simple analysis, later if you use to the device, can also refer to a thing or two.


  1. The cop library did not turn

  Because the drawing-in machine roller parts were choked up with cotton wool or cotton waste winding, to rotate the pawl cannot drive ratchet, hence yarn fault repository does not turn. As long as the yarn library components will be removed, the cotton wool or cotton waste removal can be back to normal. In the use of compressed air in a week cleaning equipment, as long as clean in place to prevent the failure.

  2, tension device, dysfunctional

  Tension device by providing the appropriate tension bowl to the yarn tension. Divided into pressure plate and stationary plate tension bowl. Static plate is fixed, pressure plate of axial movement and swing. When pressurized disc is waste winding, its movement is blocked, causing tension instability, winding density is uneven, the phenomenon of broken ends often appear. When maintenance according to remove operation specification, such as waste sundry clean can.

  3, scissors, not sharp

  If not sharp scissors don't cut the yarn, the suction nozzle to absorb the small yarn will be folded into double yarn at fixed suction nozzle, so that when through clearer was cut, so repeated several times, cause can't normal production, and increase energy consumption. While the drawing-in machine malfunction, servicing scissors part will be removed, can change a new pair of scissors.

  In this paper, and the share in the drawing-in machine might encounter a series of problems in the course of using, cotton yarn is not rotational, tension device dysfunctional and not sharp scissors, and so on and so forth are will appear. Only master solution, to deal with in time, thus does not affect our work efficiency. Of course, choose automatically in the machine equipment, reliable manufacturer can make our production more rest assured!

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