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Understand how reeding machine work

Author : Yongxusheng Mechanical And Electrical Technology (changzhou) co., LTD    Time : 2018-1-13 13:48:09    View : 541

  Understand how reeding machine work

  Reeding is drawing-in machine, heald steak buckle as a way of drawing-in machine job, is all understand familiar with is the person who is in the industry. Want reeding machine working efficiency is high, in addition to the device itself quality is reliable, stable operation, is also important to skilled technical personnel. And now it's time to introduce the working principle and function of automatic reeding machine, has a far-reaching influence on our reeding machine work. , after all, to understand how the equipment work for the follow-up work is also helpful, professional in the factory house, yong xu sheng analysis for everybody.

  Because of the high quality fashion fabric end spacing is very big, realization of warp in weaving can clear openings, beam quality and warp is very tall to the requirement of opening. When new types of fabric to start producing necessary will wear into the warp loom on some special parts and equipment, such as the heddle, dropper, steel buckle, etc. Tying machine is the function of the original fabric varieties continue to produce and use up the old beam to replace a new shaft, woven into the old and the new warp to. Automatic drawing-in machine is characterized by fast speed, high automation level, drawing-in machine and the high quality and can prevent the heddle double yarn and eliminate the drawing-in design fault in the heavy and complex defect. Our automatic drawing-in machine has not only high automation level, and weaving preparation quality level is greatly improved. Machine is equipped with dual display of drawing-in action, no matter whether warp lease rods are respectively detect and show the automatic drawing-in of motor as a result, the detector has a high precision pressure sensor is necessary. When drawing in the tension of yarn can be detected 10 times per second. If detect the double yarn, drawing-in opportunity, automatic parking can correct mistakes immediately.

  Thus, we realize automatic reeding machine use such devices need to pay attention to detail, to make our drawing-in machine work better, it is very important for technical improvement constantly. Order to ensure the safe operation of the automatic reeding machine, when installing some testing instrument is very normal, failure can be solved in time, more reeding machine advice, please continue to pay attention to our news!

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