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Introduce the structure characteristics of the automatic wear ZongJi

Author : Yongxusheng Mechanical And Electrical Technology (changzhou) co., LTD    Time : 2018-1-13 13:45:38    View : 535

  Introduce the structure characteristics of the automatic wear ZongJi

  Drawing-in machine as our textile industry commonly used a device, cotton processing activities usually cannot leave it, today the company specializing in the production of drawing-in machine manufacturing equipment many, but our company is committed to making the first brand of China in the equipment, and has been in the effort. Our efforts are obvious to all, our equipment to gain mass appeal, played an important role in the textile industry. Wear ZongJi also known as automatic drawing-in machine automatically, its structure is stable, operation is also very convenient, here is to look at the structure of the automatic wear ZongJi equipment together.

  1, automatic wear ZongJi for stopping, weft stop point move back and forward, and the warp tension caused by manipulating the shed, and change, can be in front of the boot automatically eliminate the drawing-in machine structure and avoid the abnormal tension.

  2, automatic wear ZongJi let-off amount detection and control function, therefore, can be on the let off of a loom stop after driving for precise adjustment and compensation, to eliminate the influence of elongation of tension. Outage duration is different, the warp elongation are different, so the drawing-in machine automatic reverse first, before starting the reversal amount according to the time length is divided into a number of different files, thus effectively overcome the due to downtime warp elongation of warp tension variation.

  3, let off servo motor function within of a second accelerate from zero to 3000 r/min, shows that the dynamic response of the drawing-in machine very quickly, thus ensuring the warp tension by microcomputer instruction timely correction. At the same time, can adapt to the loom at high speed.

  4, positive and reverse operation when weaving shaft rotation can be controlled within 0.1 weft, can satisfy the 4 ~ 1083 root/lOcm (1 ~ 275 weft/inch) of weft density requirements.

  Through the description of the above, we realized the automatic wear ZongJi operation, stopping showed especially in the process of performance, fast response, high speed operation and drawing in higher density. Quality of drawing-in machine equipment let us to use more at ease, want to buy such equipment, can come to yong xu sheng mechanical and electrical technology company to purchase, the quality of our equipment is ok.

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